Ten years ago, I started out making rap music with a couple of friends. This is where I developed my liking for making my own music and writing lyrics. Our harsh lyrics actually caused the local police to interrupt us during a show once, but we continued for another two years, before we split up.
After being quiet for a couple of years, I hooked up with another rapper. He called himself "fetiga fingrar Johnjohn" and we formed the rap group "Finkultur". During the year we worked together, we released a demo tape and got to play some liveshows. I really enjoyed being on stage, and I have felt that this is what I want to do ever since.

Six month’s later, I met Diegojah when I started working at a restaurant. He introduced me to the members of his reggae group ’Baylake Productions’, and I got the chance to voice some of producer and singer Shermheadic’s riddims. The tunes turned out great, and I was eager to continue working our new found vibe. When the guys from Baylake got the oppurtunity to rent a real studio, they asked me to join, and I just couldn’t refuse such a good offer. Rebel Youth Studio now consisted of Shermheadic, Diegojah, Kalinariz and I, and that’s the basic story of how it all started. The skilled producer Earlriddims later joined us, bringing new influences to our music.

In winter 06/07, I recorded two tunes almost every week. The result of my high productivity was the release of my first album, called "Min Tid", with nine Swedish tracks. Alongside the Swedish album, I also voiced some riddims in English, where a few of them were released on the Rebel Youth Mixtape. Thanks to the positive response to my music, I got to voice dubplates for sounds in Germany, Italy, Croatia, Argentina and Australia. Together with Diegojah, I have also been given the opportunity to perform in many places in Sweden. To sum it up, my time with the RebeI Youth Studio have helped me to grow as an artist, all thanks to the great support from the guys in the studio. I feel that I have found my flow and further developed my performing skills.

As I have moved on to work with new producers, Earlriddims, Shermheadic, Diegojah and Kalinariz have formed the Rebel Youth Band. I want to promote them as much as I can; this band is among the best reggae bands in Sweden. Check out their homepage at www.rebelyouth.se.

Right now I am working together with modern roots producer Mr. Sloap for the most part, but I frequently do collaborations with other producers as well.

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